Hotel Accessibility

We strive daily to do everything in our power to insure the comfort and security of each of our guests at A Place in the Sun. Whenever we learn of any new requirements, ADA or otherwise, we thoroughly investigate and comply wherever possible.

A Place in the Sun was inspected by an ADA Certified Access Specialist in August 2018 (a copy of this Certificate is attached). This property is compliant wherever readily achievable. See details below.

Rooms and Bungalows

A Place in the Sun was built in 1951, and is a mid-century gem. But being built in 1951 comes with some architectural barriers, like steps leading from the front and back parking lots into the property, and steps leading into some units. At the ADA Inspector’s recommendation, we installed a wheelchair accessible ramp in the NW corner of the property, which was the most accessible entrance with just one step.

Sidewalks are wide enough for a wheelchair, but lead to exterior doorways, interior hallways and kitchen entries that are not wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Due to this, A Place in the Sun has no wheelchair accessible rooms until such time as it undergoes a major remodel.

A Place in the Sun goes street-to-street from San Lorenzo, where the main entrance is, to South Riverside. Handicapped parking is located by the NW entrance, which is on South Riverside. See hotel layout, below. Newly added, not reflected in the hotel layout, is the new van-accessible handicapped spot with stripes and signage, and ramp leading into the property.

The main entrance is open all the time, but the other 3 entrances are locked.

If you have a reservation at A Place in the Sun, and have any accessibility needs, please contact the front desk at (760) 325-0254 for detailed access info.


Policy on Website Accessibility

A Place in the Sun is committed to providing the best guest experience possible. We endeavor to conduct our business in such a manner as to provide each and every guest with an equal level of comfort and enjoyment.

With this in mind, we are constantly taking steps to improve, and to the extent practical, ensure it complies with the best practices and standards as defined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (

In addition to our efforts to improve the accessibility of our website, we urge third-party vendors providing content on our website to adhere to the WCAG 2.0 standard. We consider compliance with this standard when selecting third party vendors.

Our website is monitored and tested internally and evaluated by third-party accessibility consultants periodically. These people help us identify usability issues and discover new solutions to further improve the accessibility of our site. These tasks include design reviews and quality assurance testing with assistive technology.

As we continue to improve the accessibility of our website, we will ensure that it reflects our hotel’s efforts and commitment to accessibility.

In order to maintain an open channel of communication with our users, we welcome feedback on the usability and accessibility of our hotel’s website. Questions or concerns about the accessibility of should be directed by email to [email protected].


ADA Compliance Applications Available for Check-out from the Hotel Office by Request, for Hearing Impaired Guests

Door Knocker 125 – The Krown DoorKnocker 125 is a standalone door knocker that has a large, ultra-bright LED light that flashes when someone knocks on the door. It can be used as a flashlight during power outages.

Telephone Signaler TR50 – Alerts you that your telephone is ringing by flashing a lamp on and off automatically. The TR55 can flash lights in other rooms by use of remote receivers.

Portable Smoke Detector – 120VAC with a 9V battery back-up, single/multiple station photoelectric smoke alarm with visual signaling appliance. Upon activation, the alarm will emit a 90 decibel local audible signal and activate the high intensity strobe, flashing at a brightness at 177 candela 60 times per minute.

HA-40 In Line Amplifier – The HA-40 Amplifier has a voice detection sensor. If the phone line remains silent for more than 10-15 seconds (for instance, when you are on “HOLD”) the amplifier will “fade out” and return to its Standby mode to reduce power consumption and preserve the battery. As soon as any voice or noise is detected, the Amplifier will turn “ON” again.

You can press and hold down the Boost button for more amplification when listening. You can also eliminate any background noise and feedback by muting the microphone in your handset.

Sonic Boom Clock – This is an extra loud alarm and powerful bed shaker dual alarm clock. Wake up early but don’t want to disturb others? Turn off the volume and wake silently with the adjustable strength bed shaker. Set the alarm to whatever time desired and set whether or not you want the bed shaker and audio alarm or just one.

The following mobility feature is also available upon request:

  • Toilet seat riser